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“Papillonette has a rich, folksy blend of Olenka and the Autumn Lovers' French, Polish and Canadian roots” - The Gauntlet

“The Papillonette EP forges a different path than the LP. It's a more rootsy affair, tapping into traditional America and folk. The band is often stripped down to just a voice and a folk guitar in places, or tastefully adding a touch of lap steel guitar…”!earshot


released November 1, 2008

engineered and mixed by Gareth Auden-Hole at OIART.
assisted by Simon Larochette.
all tracks mastered by Tim Glasgow.

artwork by Paterson Hodgson.

produced by Olenka Krakus.
all songs written by Olenka Krakus.
arranged by O&AL.

credits: Flash in the Pan

engineered and mixed by Dan Toews.
assisted by Christopher Ellis.



all rights reserved


Olenka and the Autumn Lovers London, Ontario

Olenka and the Autumn Lovers are Folk writ large. Adding orchestral instrumentation, country twang and Eastern European flourishes to intricate and heartfelt folk-pop, they make worlds collide. In their brand of the people’s music, they mingle wistful reflection with aggressive social commentary. ... more

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Track Name: Flash in the Pan
The dirt on the windshield's got an ocean
from the rain outside, as I drive east, farther east than I could fathom.
Try to stay alive. Lonely drive.

To the city, where I made you cry.
To the city, where you don't ask why.
To the city, where I'm going to die.

I'm just a flash in the pan.
I'm as dashing as a flash in the pan.
I'm just a flash in the pan.

My brain's in a fuzzy little coating
of alcohol and lies. No goodbyes.
I dream I'm careening down the freeway
to your naked eyes, past the lies

Of that evening, when I made you cry.
All those evenings, when we didn't ask why.
To that evening, when I'm going to die.

I'm just a flash in the pan.
I'm as dashing as a flash in the pan.
…as empty
…as honest
Track Name: Blue
If you remember me tomorrow,
don’t go asking where I am.
I’ll be lodging with my sorrow
with a bottle in my hand
just outside the city limits
where the stars and lights compete.

Don’t go looking for your answers
in a soul that’s incomplete.

Please don’t go to so much trouble.
There is nothing you can do.
Don’t you know I’ll simply make you
Track Name: Papillon
quand j’étais un papillon
je volais dans le ciel
je cherchais mon p’tit amour
parmi les fleurs et leur miel

quand j’étais un papillon
je cherchais parmi et dans

dans les yeux des étrangers
dan leur tristesse insondable
dan les vie des p’tites oiseux
et leur chansons inconsolable

quand j’étais un papillon
je cherchais parmi et dans
Track Name: 45
They got me on the front in 45
’cause I didn’t have the strength to stay alive.
You know I did the best I could.
Mama I was good and then I died.
Oh lord in 45.

They get you when you’re young and ill prepared,
when the beauty of the world has got you scared.
Now I don’t know what’s right,
but I know I lost the fight and that ain’t fair.
No lord that ain’t fair.

I didn’t get a chance to see the end,
but I heard somebody say it would be grand
with confetti in the street
and the dancing and the beat of marching bands.
Oh lord that’d be grand.
Oh lord that’d be grand.
Track Name: Tennessee
Last night, I’ll admit I was lonely
and feeling blue.
I thought about all the things that you told me
that we would do,
like driving down to Tennessee:
a pretty dream it was,
just a beautiful dream,
I know.
Track Name: The Decline
If I’m going down,
I guess I’ll try
to have a good time.
If I’ve got to hit the ground,
I guess I’ll try
to have a good time
in the decline…