Hard Times EP

by Olenka and the Autumn Lovers

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released October 2, 2012

recorded by Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack
mixed & mastered by Dan Weston

artwork by Trevor Carter
design by Andrew James

produced by Olenka Krakus
all songs written by Olenka Krakus
arranged by O&AL



all rights reserved


Olenka and the Autumn Lovers London, Ontario

Olenka and the Autumn Lovers are Folk writ large. Adding orchestral instrumentation, country twang and Eastern European flourishes to intricate and heartfelt folk-pop, they make worlds collide. In their brand of the people’s music, they mingle wistful reflection with aggressive social commentary. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Make Sense
Your eyes try to tell me he treated you poor.
Those men in the factories love nothing at all.
Your sorrows confess that you loved him the best.
But that don’t make sense.
Means I ain’t got a chance
to love you at all.

Now I’ve had my troubles, and I’ve had my trials.
Been lonely and ugly for many a while.
But deep in my soul I been purer than gold.
Oh why can’t you see
all the promise in me
’stead of nothing at all?

Your hands always tremble; my words always fail.
Our hopes are our prisons, our lovers our jails.
I ask you to dance, but you stare at your hands.
And that don’t make sense.
Means we ain’t got a chance
for nothing at all.
Track Name: Only Arms
I left my city. I left my home.
I left my sanity too.
I went running to the only arms I knew.

The streets were dirty. The streets were cold.
The streets were bitter and blue.
Yet I went running to the only arms I knew.

She was pretty and she was kind.
She was honest and true.
Still I went running to the only arms I knew.
Track Name: Misaligned
Ooooooh, what a waste of time:
to cling to things and be left behind.
Ooooooh, what a foolish heart:
to dwell on dreams and be torn apart.

Ooooooh, what a selfish game:
to draw it into an endless pain.
Ooooooh, what a waste of time:
to cling to things and be left behind.
Track Name: Grey Morning
Grey morning, why’d you come so soon out of comforting darkness?
I could sleep for days.
Slow waking to an angry storm off a New Brunswick highway.
I could drive for days.

Hey morning,
been out on this freeway
for a year and a Monday,
but I can’t find a good way home,
so I wake alone to your monochrome.

Say something; don’t just stare at the cracks in our holy ceiling.
You could pray for days.
Grey morning, why’d you start so soon in uncomfortable silence?
We won’t talk for days. We don’t talk for days.

Hey baby,
I am what you make me:
a lover or lackey,
a fog on a freeway,
a tone in the misty pale of your monochrome.

Grey morning,
you come for me lately
to mock and forsake me
with love like a thorn in my side, which I must abide.
And I must abide.
Track Name: Hard Times
Hard times leave you lonely, sometimes.
Leave you staring down at the feet,
of the folks you pass in the street,

Hard times leave you breathless, sometimes.
Suffocating at home,
waiting for someone to phone,

Hard times make you distant, sometimes.
Make you tell comforting lies,
not look in their eyes,
Track Name: Winterlude
Lake on the outskirts of the town by my home,
all alone.

Tracks from the toolshed to the lake in the snow,
all alone.

Where were you going in the night like a ghost,
all alone?

Leaving me all alone.
Track Name: Annelies
once upon a time,
before I felt so old,
and soldiers roamed the earth,
I used to feel the sun
warm upon my face,
fragrant in the leaves,
sweet upon my lips,
bright within your eyes.

Once I walked beneath
an azure field of stars.

now in corridors,
crevices, and cracks,
I feel your dormouse hearts
pounding in my veins.

How I love you all.